Proven Outcomes, Major Impact

DiversityEdu - Expert-Developed Diversity Learning and Tools

Students who take DiversityEdu are more likely to engage with diversity, intervene during a microaggression, and use accurate diversity terminology.

Students are required to complete an online learning platform entitled, "DiversityEdu." The purpose of this online course is as follows: 

  • DiversityEdu is being launched as a tool to begin the conversation around DIVERSITY and creating an INCLUSIVE community at the College of Charleston. 
  • DiversityEdu is an online course that delivers students personal skills for engaging with diversity and growing inclusive campus culture.
  • DiversityEdu is a training module designed to help students entering the College of Charleston embrace differences and recognize shared experiences as they join our campus community.
  • DiversityEdu will assist you in getting the most out of your campus experience at CofC and in any diverse community where you choose to live, learn, and work.
  • DiversityEdu will be used to enhance our philosophy of "A Liberal Arts Education" at CofC; developing the "whole person" who will then be prepared to live and work in a global society


Faculty and Staff

DiversityEdu's "Faculty and Staff: Personal Skills for a Diverse Campus" course is now available to faculty and staff. 

Employees log into CougarEd to launch the course.