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There are endless ways to support inclusion at the College of Charleston.

By joining a critical conversation; sharing this site with your professors, students, or friends; giving to a scholarship or center; or becoming a DiversityEDU graduate, you help us get one step closer to a more inclusive and equitable Cougar Nation

Photo of Gary Jackson, Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing

Propose or Host a Critical Conversation

Students, faculty, staff, and the greater community are encouraged to both participate in and propose conversations. Submit an event or propose a conversation.

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Ways to Give

Our journey towards a more inclusive campus would not be possible without the generous support of donors like you. Make an impact by donating to one of the many centers, scholarships, or programs we offer including, but not limited to, Avery Research Center, Center for the Study of Slavery, Institutional Diversity, Women's and Gender Studies, Bullypit, and the Gender and Sexuality Equity Center. Contact our giving staff if you would like a member of the staff to talk with you about a particular type of gift. View ways to give.

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Take Action 

With each conversation, we expect action items and areas for further discussion will emerge. Our moderators are committed to helping us take note of these, and we plan to share our progress as our students, faculty, and staff join us on this journey.